Creative Employment Solutions We Do It All!

Our TeamCreative solutions to help recruit, onboard, vet, and staff qualified and motivated candidates

- Easy hiring and onboarding online or in-person
- Online access to employee support (w2s, Check stubs, etc)
- One of the best job opportunity generators in the industry

BACK OFFICE SOLUTIONSWhy waste time handling back office duties like taxes, insurances, payroll, etc.? Let our solutions take all your pains away!!

- Industry leading payroll processing solutions
- Employer tax administration
- Web access to numerous reports and support tools for employees
- Time-keeping and attendance software

INDUSTRIES We provide qualified opportunities in several industries where candidates are not always readily available!

- Trained medical and home health
- Vetted transportation and trucking
- “Skilled” and “unskilled” construction labor
- Restaurant and hospitality
- Always looking for new opportunities and industries

HR, SAFETY, AND REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Industry leading support to prevent and contain injuries and losses – WE CARE FOR OUR EMPLOYEES LIKE OUR FAMILY!!

- Nationally A-rated Workers Compensation
- General, Professional, and Employment Practices Liability
- Workplace safety trainings
- Light-duty programs
- Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance
- HR Training

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